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Internal transportation

ARGO, with its headquarters in Arad, performs transportation and road expeditions of goods on internal routes, anywhere in Romania. We ensure complete services of transportation for any types of goods for complete trucks, but also groups of goods, including taking delivery and handing over the goods “door to door”.
We have partners in all locations in the country and we are ready to take delivery and to transport your goods in each corner of the country for reduced costs in a short period.
Regardless of the solicitors (individuals, companies, corporations, embassies, institutions, organizations) or of your needs and orders, our experience guarantees the quality of the transportation services and the finding of optimal solutions so that your demands will be fulfilled.

International transportation

Our companies perform international transportations for any types of goods and commodities. We are able to satisfy our clients requests for any types of goods and commodities, from and to each destination in Europe.
The partnerships with experienced companies and organizations that activate in international transportation and the network of agents, allow the accomplishment and performance of transportation in good conditions, from collecting and delivering goods to custom formalities and other connected services (packing, sealing, handling, storage, and shipping).

Please contact us for each type of transport:

  •     exclusive transport
  •     group transport
  •     express transport


We provide 60 specialized trucks for each type of goods (with multiple volume and dimensions):

  • mega trucks with a useful height of 3 meters with a raised ceiling and a useful volume of 100 mc., normal trucks, 2.75 - 2.8 meters high and a useful volume of 90 mc.;
  • 3 semi-trailers specialized transport coils (COIL);
  • EXPRESS Mercedes Sprinter vehicles with a capacity of 10 euro pallets and 23 cubic meters.

The trucks are equipped with certified XL code, Multilock system and sealable.

In proportion of 75% the society’s fleet of great tonnage is composed of last generation trucks compliant with the Euro 6 pollution standards, 20% have Euro5 and EEV pollution standards, and only 5% have Euro4 and Euro3 pollution standards.

The fleet is composed in proportion of 20% by Mercedes, 40% Scania, and the rest of 40% by Volvo, DAF, MAN and other brands.

For any requirement you may have, please contact us.


How can we enhance the transparence of your supplier’s transportation process? What are the advantages of direct transportation? Can a prompt shipment enhance productivity?
Is the externalization of the preliminary assembling or handling of the packages useful?
An intelligent logistics system of acquisitions accelerates the flow of goods and reduces your stocks.
Through our transportation network improved to the smallest details, we enhance the efficiency of transportations of goods. The intelligent process of cross-docking ensures a faster and more flexible functioning of the flow of goods. This way, we reduce the duration of the production cycle for our clients and we lower the process costs.
Our storage is your storage. This is adapted to the seasonal variations, is always equipped and permanently updated. To your request, we also perform supplementary commissioning, packing or expedition operations. This way, you earn flexibility and your fixed costs will become variable.
Which are the best solutions for your needs? Must the goods arrive very quickly to the client? Or do you prefer an advantageous price? What system is suitable for urgent individual shipping? What system is compatible with mass distribution? We offer variable systems of distribution all over the world, including handling, services, logistics for returning goods and customs.
Together with you, we develop an individualized logistical solution for the whole process of supply, selling and distribution, from the moment of acquisition to shipment. This way, partners, goods and information will be centralized in one single point of contact (SPOC) and monitored at a central level. In addition, you have permanently a clear image about the situation and only one contact for any of your problems.